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It is a real pleasure to tell you a bit of our history and to present our products.

In 1985, we started the adventure of creating a pot-still cachaça, which would be as good as the best distillates produced in the world. After more than 30 years of hard work, we are happy to see this dream starting to come true, as Magnifica drinks are being enjoyed in Brazil and several foreign countries.

We are proud of our Rio de Janeiro origins: our headquarters are in the Santa Teresa district, near the city centre, and our Fazenda (Estate with the plantation and the distillery) is in the mountains 110 km from Rio, on the border between the municipality of Vassouras and that of Miguel Pereira.

It would be a great honour to welcome you in our Fazenda to show you how Magnifica Cachaça is made. If you go to Rio de Janeiro you must go to the Santa Teresa neighborhood, where all bars know how to make wonderful drinks with Magnifica.

Hope to see you soon! Saúde!
João Luiz de Faria



João Luiz Faria produces great quality cachaças and among them is one of my favourite cachaças, Magnifica Reserva Soleira. I had the pleasure of being one of the jury members at a contest organised by APACERJ (Rio de Janeiro State’s Cachaça producers’ association), at which Reserva Soleira got the highest ranking of all aged cachaças.

I am happy to see the success of Magnifica because I know well the dedication and the competence of João Luiz and his team. I take this opportunity to wish a lot more success to all the people at Magnifica de Faria.

Paulão 7 cordas
(musician, composer, and musical producer).

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